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Symphonic Arena is a fan game based on the hit anime Senki Zesshou Symphogear. It combines many elements from fighting games such as Guilty Gear with elements from action games like Devil May Cry. This game is currently just a prototype, so a lot of things are still unfinished. I do eventually want to add more modes and characters if I can manage to keep this up! Currently, the only modes available are com vs, local vs, and online vs. There are future modes planned for fighting waves of "noise", akin to DMC's Bloody Palace. 

The game runs at a fixed frame rate and is meant to run at a constant 60fps. Any less, and it runs slower than it should. If you're having frame rate issues, try adjusting the graphics options. Resolution scale and lighting mode seem to make the biggest difference.

Controls and move list are in the pause menu. The game is designed for a controller, but there are keyboard controls too.

Netplay currently requires a direct IPv4 connection, so you'll probably need something like Hamachi to bypass NAT

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run SymphogearGame.exe


SymphonicArena_Prototype_11-2-19.zip 119 MB


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Make that thing that slows down gameplay (only opponet) don't have a repeat peanalty

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Make Air 6M knock down and bounce

 7                      8                     9                               If you have a numpad, look at it                                                                                          and put

4                        5                   6                                 an diretion to it. 6 is Foward.

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I can't play! I have the 2015 thingy.

I opened the game and I only get a Black Screen. :(

I'm sorry about that. What OS are you using? Are your graphics drivers up to date?

It's working now, sorry! I just had to wait. The game is really fun! I just wish the CPU was easier because when I started playing, the CPU destroyed me. Add a difficulty changer so the CPU can be easy/harder 

Also add a guard crush thingy

what is the P======F Meter thingy doing?

That meter is basically for aggression. Things like running toward your opponent and attacking will build it. Running away will drain it. If yours is much lower than your opponent's and the match times out, your opponent wins. It's so you can't just hit and then keep running away until time runs out.


Your game is in my faves! Go see it!

do you have any plans for Mac support  



Sorry, not at this time. If I can get a hold of a Mac to work with, maybe. Depends on what it would take to get it working.

question; can these specs run the demo?

Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2010 @  2.80GHz 

Pentium G2010 2.8GHz 

I'm not certain. As far as a CPU, I think it should be fine offline, but if you play online, I'm not sure how well it would deal with heavy rollbacks. If you don't have a graphics card, I don't know how well integrated graphics would run the game, but it has some graphics settings that you could try turning down.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

oh nice!

What are the minimum specs requirements for this game? It runs at like 6 FPS on my machine.

Try messing with the graphics settings. Lowering the resolution scale and changing the lighting mode should make a big difference